Monday, July 29, 2013

The Evening Hikes

About a month after we got married, Andy and I discovered some trails around our neighborhood, and we began taking Gadget out to explore with us. We've continued the ritual, and now I take the dog out at least once or twice a week for a hike... Actually, there's no way that what the two of us do can be classified as a hike. A "hike" implies that I'm wearing an anorak and boots and carrying a water pack on my back, but I'm actually repurposing my road running shoes, and I forget my Dasani bottle most of the time. A "hike" also implies that I can identify different types of plants and tree bark, but all I really do is dodge cobwebs and try not to step on lizards.

Luckily, the dog doesn't seem to mind his mediocre guide.

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