Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello, 2016! It’s time for my annual new year’s resolution post, which makes up approximately 25 percent of my total blog content each year. I’m so proud.

Last year, I talked about making progress in a few different aspects of my life, and as I reflect back on 2015, I’m comfortable saying I was mildly successful. While there were some areas that I feel lacked major attention (hello, dieting and exercising!), I think focusing on progress allowed me to ease up on the extremity I normally place on myself when it comes to goals. Typically, I follow a “go big or go home” ideology. My goals typically look like, “Wake up every day at 5:00 a.m. for an hour-long intense meditation!” instead of “Develop a morning routine that feels good and encourages productivity.” My focus on progress allowed me to be kinder to myself about the approaches I took toward self-enhancement.

In a similar vein, this year, I’m focusing on balance. The internal, emotional, psychological kind. (Anyone who has seen me exit a car, carry more than two bags of groceries, or walk across a room knows I don’t possess physical balance whatsoever.) I’d like to live this year with a mindful -– yet guilt-free –- approach to my home life, personal life, work life, and health life, embracing the opportunities I get in the moment to improve each one.

Cheers to the new year! And now, for no good reason, here’s a few photos from the holiday season!

[After Walter's holiday show at daycare.
No, he didn't just stuff 100 Christmas cookies in his mouth. That's just natural chub. Jealous?]

[The dudes on Christmas Eve.]

[I found Papa Elf!]

[A rare shot of all three of us.]

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