Monday, January 5, 2015

What's the Word?

Hi, lovelies! Happy new year! Can we just not talk about how long it’s been since I last posted? There’s no amount of justifying I can do to make an almost-8-month hiatus sound reasonable, so let’s just move on and say that I missed this dear ol’ blog of mine.

With any new year comes new resolutions, right? Personally, I love resolutions. I love making them, breaking them, and obsessing about them in between it all. I typically make way too many, only to abandon every single one by February 1. The trap I fall into is that I tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality. The first day I press snooze on my alarm, don’t go to the gym, or decide to eat a double cheeseburger instead of a salad, I’m more inclined to ditch my resolution, rather than recover.

So, for kicks, I decided to make only one resolution for 2015. And it’s not even a resolution – it’s more of a mantra. Instead of drafting a dozen of seemingly unrelated goals, I’m going to focus on one word to get me through the year:

I’m trying to focus my energy, my drive, and my positivity on the progress (no matter how minor) I'm going to make toward a productive and meaningful 2015. Hopfully I can use this blog to provide updates on how it's all going.

What’s your word for 2015?


  1. Moments! Focus on the big ones, the little ones, and everything in between. Forget the surroundings and the noise, and concentrate on the moments you only get once. :)

    1. I like that one, Jeanine! It reminds me of just "being present" and embracing what's in front of you, whether it's at the office, with your family etc.