Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anticipating Spring

When you live in Texas, the transition between seasons is almost nonexistent. One day it's below freezing, and the next, it's 60 degrees with blue skies. The climate here can change faster than my hair color. (Editor's note: I have no idea what my actual hair color is. It could be red. Could be  brown... But, let's be honest, it's probably grey.)

Because of the unpredictable temperatures, it's important to me to have a few key pieces that I can wear for months on end and still create relevant outfits, regardless of the weather. 

This year, those pieces have often been red... Red denim, red tops, red shoes and accessories. This color theme worked really well around the holidays, for obvious reasons, but now I'm thinking about how to incorporate them on warmer days that will inevitably pop up during the next three months. Here's my ideal transitory outfit...

Wavy Pointelle Sweater | LOFT (on sale!)
Pixie Ankle Pants (in Robbie Red) | Old Navy
Steve Madden Buffalo Plaid Infinity Scarf | Nordstrom
Voltaire Softy Pointed Slip-On Shoes | Topshop (on sale!)

One of my favorite spring colors is mint green, and pairing it with red allows both colors to pop without competing. The black and white accessories speak well to both colder and warmer temperatures. 

I'm excited to use items I already own to create this outfit. Stay tuned for that update in a future post!

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