Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trash Report: Week 2

In the adventures of decluttering, this week I focused on some low-hanging fruit in my closet. Here’s what I got threw out, sold, or donated:

1) About six pairs of disgusting old shoes. The organisms living in these shoes were probably wearing shoes themselves.
2) An old coat that I told myself I would take to the dry cleaners… five years ago.
3) A paint-stained work shirt… WHY DO I KEEP THINGS THAT ARE GROSS?!
4) An old North Face fleece jacket in a rad, 80s magenta color.
5) A neon purple dress that I should have bought to go clubbing but actually wore to a bridal shower when I was 20-something. Bless my heart. 

That's it -- a short and sweet report for this week. Are you tackling any specific cluttered areas of your house? I need ideas to stay ahead of this project!

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  1. I too keep shoes an absurdly long time. And I'm really hard on them and they're worn out! PS - love catching up on your blog. - Lacy